Oni - The Silver Line Cover

The creative evolution of the multifaceted metallic force known as ONI never ends. Rather, ONI is always evolving, braving treacherous waters, searching for a distinctive light in the darkness. Like Nine Inch Nails, LCD Soundsystem, or Leviathan, ONI is both a band and one man’s vision. Jake first conceived of ONI as “the band I never got to see” in 2014, recruiting different players with technical skills to make music that shook the foundations of the scene. Ironshore (2016), Loathing Light (2022), and The Silver Line (2023) make for a trio of albums full of diversity and ambition. The Silver Line is the third full-length album issued under the ONI banner, and it is at once the most dynamic yet cohesive and focused work of powerhouse frontman Jake Oni’s burgeoning career. Produced, mixed, and mastered by the duo of Spiritbox bassist Josh Gilbert and Joe McQueen (As I Lay Dying, Light The Torch, Bad Wolves), The Silver Line is as ambitious as it is catchy and incisive. 
In modern times, the demonic ONI figure of Japanese Folklore transformed into a personification of protection, often adorning rooftops or leading festive parades to ward off evil. In this same spirit, the crushing but melodic aggressive music of ONI, the band, is an empowering weapon. ONI casts out the cruel demons of self-hatred, addiction, and whatever destructive obstacles one might face.‍